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LILA* students visiting the Mayor of Liverpool

LILA* students visiting the Mayor of Liverpool

At the beginning of October, a group of juniors from Vigo in Spain studying at LILA* visited Liverpool Town Hall and met the Mayor, Anna Rothery. The handful of students were specially selected for their outstanding results in English class and as a reward for all their hard work.

The visit was a huge success, with questions flowing throughout. The students were particularly intrigued about the process of becoming a Mayor, and listened attentively as Anna told them her story about how she became Mayor of Liverpool. After this the students gave the Mayor some gifts – one of which was the colourful Vigo flag! The students were then given a tour of the Town Hall’s grand rooms and impressive displays. One of the students, Noa, recorded this memorable experience by writing a wonderful blog entry for the school which has been published on the LILA* website and shared on their Social Media. All in all, a special afternoon which the students will remember long after they have returned home.

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